I know how busy life gets with little ones running around. Breakfast is such an important meal of the day. However, getting out of a "brekky rut" with fussy eaters is not as simple as just throwing out the cereal boxes and suddenly having the most elaborate meal of the day (AT 6AM!)

So, to make variety and happiness at this mealtime a possibility, we're going to take a journey together. Join me for 9 ways to get out of the #FussyEatersBreakfastRut. You will get a daily email with small steps (designed so that they don't leave you stranded) along with lots of mealtime hacks and simple recipes.  Every ounce of this is aimed to help busy families embrace happiness at mealtimes (even the super early ones).

Once you opt-in to this email, I may sporadically also email you with some links to my blog posts and information that is relevant to parenting fussy eaters. I definitely don't want to be spammy and the frequency of my emails is 100% dependent on being on top of my #kidwrangling, #writing, #therapy and #guestspeaking commitments. Obviously, any support that you can show my blog helps me to continue to give you the information that you need.


Luck to us all!
Simone "not before my coffee" Emery
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